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Camp Stuff

Raft & Boat

  This Coffee Pot is Hard-Anodized Aluminum to keep weight down. Use on any of our Stoves, but not recommended for being placed directly into a camp fire. The large opening is sized for a standard ladle to dip out hot water. Two sizes: 1 gallon and 2 1/2 gallon. We now offer these Coffee Pots with an optional lid, similar to the picture below.

Stainless Steel Coffee Pots are intended to be placed directly into a camp fire. These have hinged lids to keep flying ash out. The larger lid is sized so that a standard ladle may be used to dip out hot water. Two sizes 1 gallon, and 2 1/2 gallon.

Griddles now come in 3 sizes: The new MINI griddle has been developed for the small 9" - 2 burner folding stove. A 12 x 18 (small size) made specifically for our 18" and 16"   2 and 4 burner stoves, and 16 x 26 (large) made for the larger 26"  3 and 6 burner stoves. The new MINI griddle works very well on the 16" and 18" stoves, for individual use or when you just want to keep different foods separate while cooking.

Our Dutch Ovens are Hard-Anodized Aluminum to prevent Aluminum getting into the food. Season the Oven before use to provide a non-stick surface. The sides and bottom are flat for maximum size and easy clean-out. There are 5 standard sizes: 10" (5 qt), 11" (8 qt), 12" (10 qt), 13" (12 qt), 14" (14 qt). All ovens nest perfectly, and if not being used on an oven, the lid can double as a griddle.

Dutch Oven Legs. Set the Dutch Oven on these stainless steel legs to stack the ovens or to keep the oven off the ground so fire can be moved under the oven.